In the sommelier seminar package, you will receive a package with five top wines with complex aromas. In addition to the four hand-picked white and red wine bottles, you will also receive a high-quality champagne bottle. In addition, as the organizer (Vinary-Master) you will receive a detailed booklet to guide you through your wine tasting. The Vinary-Master booklet informs you about how your wine seminar works, e.g. who does what when and how, which dishes go well with which wine, in which order the wines are tasted, etc. To further train your taste and olfactory senses contains this Package also includes a comprehensive set of 10 aroma bottles.

During the wine seminar, for example, you will try different wines at the same time and smell, taste and recognize a wide variety of aromas. The accompanying booklet for participants will help you to interpret the smell and taste aromas, compare them with the aroma overview of experienced sommeliers and laugh together. You can also use the supplied aroma bottles to break down complex aromas step by step into their components.

Besides having a lot of fun, this wine seminar is perfect for you and up to six of your friends to further train your smell and taste senses. So you not only learn what the differences between white and red wine are, how color, smell and taste differ depending on the growing area, vintage and grape variety, but you also train explicitly to break down complex aromas into their components with the help of the aroma bottles.

Package content:
1 bottle of champagne (sparkling wine)
2 bottles of white wine
2 bottles of red wine
1 aroma bottle set
1 Vinary-Master booklet
7 participant booklets

Price (free shipping to DE): € 79.99